Good For Everything Wash

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As the name suggests, our Good for Everything Wash is good, for well, everything. Primarily a body cleanser, it can also be used as a liquid handwash, hair wash, or to even clean the dishes, replacing countless other products you might have in your home.

Made with natural ingredients, and gentle on sensitive skin.

There’s no SLS/SLES (Sodium lauryl sulphate), the often irritating and potentially harmful chemical that is used to produce a frothy lather and extend shelf life. No SCS (Sodium Coco Sulphate), the one used in ‘natural products’ to replace the SLS, and no Cocamidoproplyl betaine (Coco-betaine), a foaming agent that’s often used in ‘natural’ products, which really isn’t that natural.

Instead, with only eight natural ingredients including organic Coconut and Sunflower oils, our Good for Everything Wash, offers moisturising, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, packed with antioxidants to protect, soothe and restore your skin, naturally. Cleansing your body and uplifting your mind.

500ml PET Plastic Bottle