Studio MiLK

Scented Drawer Sachet

  • $10.50

Keep your linens fresh and drawers smelling like newly laundered washing or a garden full of flowers with Studio Milk's drawer sachets. 

Easy to use – simply place them in your drawers, closets, or anywhere else you want to freshen up your space. They're perfect for use in dressers, wardrobes, linen closets, and even suitcases.

Not only do these drawer sachets keep your clothes smelling great, but they also help to repel moths and other pests that can damage your clothing. 

In addition to their delightful fragrances, drawer sachets are also designed to reduce musty smells and prevent mold from forming in your drawers. The natural ingredients in our sachets work to absorb excess moisture in the air, which can cause mold and mildew to grow.

By using drawer sachets, you can keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh and clean while also preventing the musty odors that often accompany damp or humid environments. This makes Studio Milk's sachets a perfect solution for use in humid climates or during the wet season.

Made here in New Zealand from quality cotton and scented unique fragrances.

  • can be used in bedroom, kitchen or linen cupboards.
  • keep linens smelling fresh 
  • great for storage boxes
  • perfect for gym or yoga bags 
  • makes an easy and light overseas gift