PLANTER | Marshmallow Flowers 14cm

  • $30.00

Moobee soft pots are an awesome present idea for you and your plant loving friends; they're sure to spruce up your indoor plant collection nicely. 

These14cm pots are made with a new improved square base and a sew-in waterproof PVC lining.

Main: 100% Cotton

Lining - 14cm: PVC

Do not plant directly into the planters. Remove your plant to water and return once it has had time to drain away the water. 

IMPORTANT: For larger scale print designs, the position/placement of the pattern and direction of the print may differ from the image shown.

*Plant not included

  • Secret Santa gifts
  • House-warming's
  • Mother's Day
  • Teacher gifts
  • Bedroom storage for hair ties and scrunchies