PLANTER | Marshmallow Flowers 10cm

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Moobee canvas pots are an awesome present idea for you (hey, why not!) and your plant loving friends; they're sure to spruce up any indoor plant collection nicely 🌵

These pots are handmade in NZ, in quality cotton canvas and are finished with a light starch to add stiffness and texture. They have a plywood base which is sourced locally from the off-cuts of caravan fit outs! 

IMPORTANT: For larger scale print designs, the position/placement of the pattern and direction of the print may differ from the image shown.

100% Cotton with plywood base

*Plant not included

Do not plant directly into the planters - please use a separate pot and tray.

Polyurethane sheet provided for the inside of the planter to catch any drips.

Remove your plant to water and return once it has had time to drain away the water.

  • External Pot Size - 11.5cm Diameter x 10cm Tall
  • Internal Measurements - 11cm Diameter x 9cm Tall